Rose garden in mid summer

Mission Projects

Every month, EBCG supports a mission project that reaches out to those who may not have heard
the good news about Jesus, in many different parts of the world.

The 2013 Missions Donations Calendar is as follows:

  1. Jan - Goffs
  2. Feb – Nepal Cardiac Project
  3. Mar - Zimkids
  4. Apr – Adonai Roi Tel Aviv
  5. May - Salaam Alaikum
  6. Jun - YFC Middle East
  7. Jul - Zimkids
  8. Aug – Salaam Alaikum
  9. Sep - PACTEC
  10. Oct - Link Au Pairs Project
  11. Nov - Jews for Jesus
  12. Dec - YFC Middle East

For details of this month’s Missions Project see page 4 of the Weekly Bulletin

If you have any questions about the missions projects we support, please send an email to the EBCG Missions Committee.