Group of Children

Church for Kids (C4K) - Welcome to the EBCG Sunday School

We have Church 4 Kids every Sunday.

The children stay in the service for the worship and then meet as a group in the coffee room where we sing, take a collection and pray together.

The collection goes to a little girl from the Dominican Republic who the the Sunday School children are sponsoring

Then the children go to their classes. The 3-4 year olds stay in the coffee room. The 5-6 year olds meet upstairs in the large room at the end of the hallway. The 7-8 year olds meet upstairs in the second room on the left. The 9-10 year olds meet upstairs in the church office, which is at the end of the large room where the 7-8 year olds meet.

Please feel free to contact Rahel Cascioli or Priska Wenander for any further information, or download the brochure

Regular Activities
Book Day: Once a year the children receive a book from the Sunday School
Special programmes for Christmas and Easter.

Is this the first time your child is going to Sunday School ? If so, please download the registration form, print it, fill it in and bring it to your child's Sunday school teacher. The information you provide is confidential and only seen by the Sunday School team.

How can I get involved ? If you would like to teach or assist in the classes, please send an email to the sunday school coodinator, Rahel Cascioli, at

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