Mountains looking to Geneva

Who We Are

The Evangelical Baptist Church of Geneva (EBCG) is an independent English-speaking congregation. It is comprised of many different nationalities, who share a common love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our aim is to glorify God by encouraging and equipping Christians for loving service and witness.

Among us you will find long-term residents, shorter-term employees of the major institutions and businesses in Geneva, students and young adults, young people and children, and usually a number of visitors. We include people from many different church backgrounds.

A Little History

EBCG - DrawingEBCG - Carouge Location
Founded in 1970 by a group of English-speaking families, EBCG was served by Pastor Derek Adamsbaum until 2002, Pastor Derek Frank from 2002-2013, and Pastor Sam Fiore from 2013 until the present. During this time the church has grown considerably, expanding to the Chapelle de l'Oratoire in the Old Town and to the historic Carouge Church location in 2016.

Both churches have a significant history. Built in the early 1834, the "Oratoire" grew out of the Genevan revival, a place of spiritual awakening and the founding place of the Red Cross, under Henri Dunant. The church in Carouge was built in 1818 as a result of an edict of religious tolerance, ending the persecution of Carouge's large Jewish and Protestant communities.

200 years later, EBCG seeks to stand in the same faithful traditions these venues have always represented: prayer, preaching the word, loving fellowship and worship, and blessing our surrounding community.